Sunday, September 14, 2014

#WHYISTAY Freida's Story

I was raised in a very loving, and peaceful home.  I was an only child, and my parents spoiled me rotten. After graduating college, I worked as a cheerleader for the Miami Heat, and part time model.  You probably saw me on television, I’ve dated NBA /NFL players, rappers, and movie stars!  I was very high maintenance and only dated men in those income brackets. I didn’t have many female friends, most women were jealous of my looks and my lifestyle, and after I broke up with NBA superstar, David Winters, I was lonely and vulnerable.  
At a bridal shower, I heard about a great online dating site, chock-full of single, well-to do men, so when I got home, I logged on and created an account. It wasn’t long before I had several hits, so I poured myself a glass of wine and checked out the men who responded. Long story short, I met my husband, Samuel Dawson on the site. Samuel was a self-made millionaire, owner of the Cujo restaurant franchise.
After a whirlwind courtship, Samuel proposed to me, and later, gave me the wedding of my dreams. It was everything that I could ever hope for.  We left for our cruise right after the wedding, and after a lovely dinner, we retired for the night, and that’s when things got bad...real fast.
Samuel was reluctant to have sex before we wed, so we agreed to wait until our wedding night, and soon, I understood why. My loving, caring husband was a sadist in the sack! He enjoyed inflicting pain on me while having sex.  I was appalled and attempted to throw him off me, but he was too strong, and once he overpowered me, it was over. He tied me up, then proceeded to do the most despicable, vile, and loathsome things to me.  I tried to scream, and he stuffed my mouth with his bathroom sash. As I lay sobbing, he continued to abuse my body.  When he finally finished, he rolled off me, untied me, and then passed out! I was so sore and bruised, I couldn’t move! I laid there, scared out of my wits, and asking myself, who is this man I married?
The following morning, the old Samuel was back,  the kind loving man that I married, and I was really afraid of him. Either he’s bi-polar or crazy! After breakfast, he took me to the most expensive shops on the ship, and bought me everything I asked for! Whatever I liked, he bought me.  By lunchtime, he had dropped a bundled, just on me!
In the jewelry store, as I tried on the lovely diamonds, my angry began to subside. Samuel knelt down on one knee to assist me with the clasp on a beautiful diamond bracelet.  He whispered to me, ‘Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you last night, please forgive me.” As I looked in those huge, brown puppy dog eyes, I forgave my husband, and it was the worst mistake of my life.
This became a pattern with us, he’d beat me, sexually and/ or verbally abuse me, and then apologize by buying me whatever I wanted. I became a pro at applying makeup to bruised wrists, ankles and my neck. He never attempted to hurt my face, that would have been too obvious, and Samuel had a reputation to maintain, since I dined with him often, and he liked showing off his ‘beautiful wife.’
Soon, I found myself pregnant with our first child. I was thrilled, and so was Samuel. Since I suffered horrible morning sickness, being pregnant brought along the added bonus of no more ‘rough sex.’ I cherished my time being pregnant, and my husband continued to spoil me with material things, allowing me to decorate the nursery any way I wanted, and hiring me a nanny and an assistant. I was on cloud nine!
The few female friends that I did have would stop by to ‘gawk’ at my latest purchases, which I was happy to show off, especially the nursery. Afterwards, I enjoyed treating them to lunch or a trip to a spa. Unfortunately, I didn’t see my old friends as much as I use to, and I couldn’t confide in them the horrible things Samuel did to me.
After our son was born, Samuel was so thrilled with the baby, he showed him off to everyone. He was a great father, he changed diapers, got up for feedings, and loved to babysit, often insisting that I get out of the house for a couple of hours and enjoy myself.  He also seemed to have lost interest in having sex, and trust me, I didn’t push it! I suspected that he had a lover, but again, I wasn’t upset. 

So that’s how we spent our lives, raising our son, enjoying our lives, and then, he killed me.

Modified excerpt from Seed of Satan: Leah’s Story Book Two of the Invisible Enemies Series
 by Lynda D. Brown

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