Friday, March 6, 2015

The Spirit of Suicide

Angelina, back in human form, was standing at the podium at World Unity church. She had just explained what happened at the hospital, and the church was in an uproar. Pastor Ambridge and his wife Priscilla sat together on the stage and he was livid. “Angelina, why did you let that human husband of yours take the potion to the hospital? This is all your fault.” He stated angrily. Priscilla glared at her. “They have videos of you transforming into your natural state all over the news and the Internet.” She hissed at the succubus. “If our mission fails because of you, we’ll throw you into the abyss.” Priscilla snarled.
Angelina trembled with fear. She looked to Samuel for help, but all he could do was shrug. He was also furious with his lover. She didn't consult him when Dennis took the potion and left, now he was powerless to help her.
Zandor LeCray watched the antics on stage and laughed silently to himself. His ex-lover squirmed and trembled with fear.  He was delighted that Samuel, who Angelina had dumped him for, was powerless to help her. He stood up and cleared his throat, waiting to be recognized by the Pastor.
When Ambridge motioned him forward, Zandor took his time walking down the altar. When he arrived in front of the podium, he bowed down to his lord and master, then stood upright to address the pastor and the crowd. “I can easily fix this and actually make it work to our advantage.” He stated. “I can hold a press conference tomorrow and explain that the video that was posted was just a publicity stunt for our new movie. But Pastor, you will need to send your assassins to get rid of everyone who witnessed the event at the hospital, and the doctor treating Angelina’s husband.” He said, smirking at Angelina.
The room was quiet as the pastor thought about the idea. Finally Ambridge nodded to him. “That’s an excellent plan. This will send millions into the theaters to see our movie.” He said with an evil grin. Zandor nodded. “I’ll get my tech team on it right away. Tomorrow morning, the movie trailer will be posted all over the Internet and Leah’s website. I’ll even create a Facebook Page for it myself!” He laughed, utterly delighted with himself.
Angelina looked gratefully at her ex-lover. Samuel scowled as he watched them; however he grudgingly acknowledged that Zandor had come up with the perfect plan. With Pastor Ambridge giving the green light for every human involved in the fiasco to be murdered, Samuel was looking forward to getting rid of his wife and father in law. He was going to claim Angelina and her child as his own. He glared at Zandor, letting him know not to get any ideas about rekindling a relationship with Angelina, just because he came to her rescue.
Pastor Ambridge transformed back into Satan, and called his squad of assassins. This demonic squad had been used extensively over the years, ridding themselves of troublemakers and those loyal to their enemy.
Satan ordered the team to get rid of everyone that had witnessed the event at the hospital, and all medical personnel that had access to Dennis Wilson’s case. They bowed down to their leader, and instantly vanished.
Tony, the young man that shot the video and posted it on the Internet, was their first target. They silently passed through the brick exterior and entered the young man’s house. Tony and his parents were in a deep sleep. The death squad’s first goal was to get the video camera to Zandor LeCray. They found it lying on the man’s bedroom dresser. A demon snatched it and flew out the window. The rest of the squad circled the man’s bed. The head assassin immediately began planting thoughts in the young man’s head, and within minutes Tony stirred restlessly in his sleep.
“No one loves you. You’re stupid and a failure,” the demon spirit whispered into the man’s ear. The young man trembled in his sleep as he listened to the voice in his head. “You’re girlfriend doesn't really love you and neither do your parents. It was your fault when they divorced, you were such a horrible child. Your dad couldn't stand being around you. He loves your brother and sister more than he loves you. Your mother only tolerates you because she feels sorry for you because she knows that no one will ever love you. You’re going to spend the rest of your life alone and miserable.” Tony shook his head as he tried to get rid of the voice in his head. He began to cry in his sleep. He knew in his heart that everything he heard was true.
“You should just kill yourself. Your family will no longer have to suffer because of you. You should hang yourself.  If you do it now, while everyone is sleep, they won’t be able to talk you out of it. They really want you to do it, because they really hate having you around. ” The demon said softly and convincingly to the anguished young man.
The demons watched in glee as Tony got out of bed, took a cord from his bedroom curtains, stood on top of his bed and hung himself from the ceiling beam.
The evil spirits laughed and floated out the young man’s window, searching for their next victim.

Excerpt from Seed of Satan: Leah’s Story Book 2 of The Invisible Enemies Series
More and more teens and even one as young as seven years old, are being bullied so bad on the Internet, that they are committing suicide in record numbers. Cyber bulling is a major problem worldwide as the enemy, who comes to kill, steal and destroy uses this tool to snuff out young lives.
It’s important that you take authority of the enemy that has crept into your home, via computers and cellphones to destroy your children. When I wrote the above excerpt, from my Seed of Satan: Leah’s Story novel in 2011, I had no idea how many children would be affected by cyber-bullying.  The video below is just one of thousands about teens who have committed suicide and it should break your heart when you read it. I knew I had to share this book excerpt with you to show you who is really behind this !
My book, Powerful Prayer to Protect & Bless Your Family will show you the prayer I recite each and every day to protect me and my family from the assaults of the enemy.

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