Monday, March 23, 2015

An I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

Leah closed her eyes, and began to imagine Claude, the new character she was introducing in her bestselling novels, The Night Dwellers.   Leah's spirit guide, Lilith inspired her to create the new character, half human and half demon. Claude was born of a human mother and a fallen angel. Lilith had promised her that her fans would to love this new character and sales of her books would soar through the roof.
The image of Claude began to form in her mind. He was tall, at least six foot six, and rugged,, like he worked on a farm. He had long silky black hair and killer deep blue eyes. His arms and legs were long and sinewy; every inch of him oozed sensuality. He had a movie star face, with a bottom lip that ended in a little pout that made you want to nibble on it.
Leah drank the last of her wine and put out the blunt she had been smoking. She reached under her covers and began playing with herself, as she imagined Claude making love to her.  She began to chant: "Lover appear, lover come here. To make you real, you need to feel me." Leah waited as a stillness filled her dark room. Suddenly, she felt a presence near her and smiling she offered her hand. "Lover, come here." She whispered. The spirit that entered the room, looked down at the woman lying there waiting for him. Azazel appeared in the form of Claude, the image she had conjured up, and joined her on the bed. Leah grinned at the beautiful man lying next to her. She made love to all the characters she created, male and female. That's why the sex scenes in each of her novels were so steamy. She acted it out first before writing it. Claude removed his clothes and climbed into bed with her. They kissed passionately, as Claude removed the lingerie Leah was wearing. He slowly and gently made love to her.
Leah's head was thrown back, and her eyes were closed so she didn't see the transformation when her handsome lover turned into a nasty, evil demon as he released his seed into her. Azazel transformed back into Claude as he withdrew from her and took her into his arms. Leah fell asleep in her lover's arms. A thought came to him: He would impregnate her, and have her carry his seed, the seed of Satan.
Excerpt from Seed of Satan: Leah’s Story
There are several Christians, including myself, who believe that Satan is still trying to corrupt the seed of Man, using an illusion of demons as aliens, who kidnap and steal the sperm of human man and the eggs of human woman. 


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